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Sims Resource Renewal is developing a new method for processing ASR which enables us to transform this material, which would otherwise be treated as waste, into valuable products.

Sims Limited division, Sims Metal, is a global recycler of cars and end of life consumer goods like fridges and appliances. Recovering the valuable metals contained in these end-of-life goods is core business. 

To date however, recovering the other materials these waste streams contain, like plastics, wiring, seat fillings (known collectively as Automotive Shredder Residue or ASR) has been challenging.

Because of this, traditionally ASR has been treated as a waste material and sent to landfill.

To solve this, Sims Limited established Sims Resource Renewal. At Sims Resource Renewal, we develop and design new processes that enable us to stop ASR from going to landfill and instead use it as a resource.

Understanding the technology and output products for our first resource renewal facilities.

Our Input Material

ASR is what remains once recoverable materials are removed following the recycling of metal-based goods like cars, washing machines, and shopping trolleys.

ASR typically includes plastics, fabrics, insulation, foam, rubber and wood. Dirt, sand and stones may also be present in small amounts, because they were a part of the original source materials for cars and appliances before the initial recycling process.

Our Technology and Process

Sims Resource Renewal has applied proven, advanced plasma gasification technology, combined with design and process innovation, to create a new approach to managing ASR. Importantly, this approach can also be applied to hard to treat waste streams that have a high organic content, and in line with the waste hierarchy, cannot be treated more effectively through reducing, re-using, or recycling alternatives.

What Products Will Be Produced?

Initially we plan to produce hydrogen, food-grade carbon dioxide and a vitrified product that can be used in construction materials.

In the future we plan to produce other products like olefins, the building blocks of plastics.

Research and Development

Our investments in research and development advance our technology and help us meet the varying needs of our local and global markets. Stay tuned through our latest news for future updates regarding our research and development activities.

Potential Resource Renewal Pathways

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