Research and development

Our investments in research and development will ensure we are at the forefront of the circular economy.

First state-of-the-art resource renewal facility proposed for Campbellfield

We will use proven, advanced technology to transform our shredded material and create market ready products.

To start, we will produce electricity and construction aggregates. The electricity will be used to power our resource renewal facility, as well as our neighbouring metal recycling facility. We are also investing in research and development at our first facility. This way, as our technology advances, we can shift to producing new products and to a truly closed loop operating system.

Through this we'll further progress towards achieving net zero by creating new products - including the building blocks of recycled plastics.

Modern plasma gasification plants operate safely around the world.

Our proposed facility will use the latest, proven, plasma gasification technology, and will be developed to meet European emissions standards which is the current global emissions benchmark. Importantly this technology does not burn the shredded materials and does not produce the types of problematic emissions that some older forms of technology create.

We are applying proven, world-class design and technology to create valuable products for society and future generations.

Research and development focused pilot facility

While we start immediately eliminating our ASR through our proposed facility in Campbellfield, we will also invest in a research and development focused pilot facility. At this facility we are proposing to conduct highly controlled research and development, enabling us to test the commercial viability of developing different types of new product streams from our shredded material.

We are proposing to develop this pilot facility at our existing metal recycling operation in Rocklea, Queensland.

This research and development will advance our technology and help us meet the varying needs of our local and global markets.