Partnering for change with our communities

Sims Resource Renewal is genuinely committed to working in partnership with the communities in which we operate and beyond.

Focused on genuine engagement and opportunity creation

Genuine engagement and opportunity creation includes seeking ideas and feedback across all stages of the programme - from design and as part of the environmental / planning assessment processes - to the types of sustainability initiatives we deliver with our local communities to help create a world without waste to preserve our planet.

Jobs and industry development will be created through our programme in the local areas we operate, as will training and research opportunities brought on as a result of our investments in next generation technology.

Current engagement

When we say we are a partner for change, we mean it. Sims Resource Renewal is creating real opportunities for community involvement in our projects.

As part of our Campbellfield proposal, we are providing ongoing opportunities for involvement through a range of digital and more traditional engagement options. We have adapted our approach to address the current COVID-19 restrictions but look forward to having face-to-face sessions once restrictions are eased.

Our second virtual engagement event is now open. Please visit this room to find out more about Sims Resource Renewal and what we are proposing at Campbellfield, let us know your thoughts, and get involved in facility building design.

Would you like to know more?

Please return to this page to receive ongoing updates about our engagement and communications activities as the programme and our Campbellfield facility and Rocklea pilot facility progress.


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Campbellfield resource renewal facility
Our second virtual engagement event is now live!

Visit the link below to get involved, share your feedback on facility designs and let us know more about your thoughts on the resource renewal facility proposed for Campbellfield, Victoria.

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