Sustainability is our priority

Through Sims Resource Renewal, we will close our loop while operating as a best-in-class business and being a partner for change with our suppliers, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Closing the loop and building shared value

We are committed to creating shared value by transforming waste into valuable products and generating local jobs and economic opportunities.

In each location where we establish a resource renewal facility, we will progress towards closing the loop on our own waste by transforming our ASR into feedstock instead of sending it to local landfills. Through Sims Resource Renewal we will lower trucking distance travelled on local roads and reduce the use of virgin materials by producing products from recycled materials.

Our design process and research and development are underpinned by our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

As we improve the technology available to us, we'll further progress towards achieving net zero by creating new products including the building blocks of recycled plastics.

We are also working to develop sustainability initiatives in partnership with the local communities in which we operate to promote the value of the circular economy and its role in mitigating climate change, and to build engagement with our neighbours.

Hear from Heather Ridout AO, Independent Non-Executive Director, Sims Limited about how being a partner for change underpins how we will deliver Sims Resource Renewal.

Sustainable growth

Our resource renewal facilities will be developed in alignment with the overarching Sims Limited sustainability strategy which is based on three pillars: operate responsibly, close the loop and partner for change.

Engagement with the communities in which we operate and stakeholders will inform our sustainability commitments for each facility.

Read more about our sustainability performance in the 2021 Sustainability Report.