Sustainability is our priority

Through Sims Resource Renewal, we will close our loop while operating as a best in class business and being a partner for change with our suppliers, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Closing the loop and building shared value

We are committed to creating shared value by transforming waste into valuable products and generating local jobs and economic opportunities.

In each location where we establish a resource renewal facility, we will progress towards closing the loop on our own waste by transforming our ASR into feedstock instead of sending it to local landfills. Through our resource renewal process we will also reduce GHG emissions by avoiding ASR transportation to landfill, and by enabling the recovery of resources instead of using virgin materials.

Where we produce electricity to power our own operations this will enable us to advance towards our carbon neutrality goal as we will not rely on energy from the grid. As we improve the technology available to us, we will further lower our carbon footprint by capturing the carbon present in ASR to support the creation of new products including the building blocks of recycled plastics.

We are also working to develop sustainability initiatives in partnership with the local communities in which we operate to promote the value of the circular economy and its role in mitigating climate change, and to build engagement with our neighbours.

Hear from Heather Ridout AO, Independent Non-Executive Director, Sims Limited about how being a partner for change underpins how we will deliver Sims Resource Renewal.

Sustainable growth

Our resource renewal facilities will be developed in alignment with the overarching Sims Limited sustainability strategy which is based on three pillars: operate responsibly, close the loop and partner for change.

As part of our plan of action, we are developing a sustainability programme specific to Sims Resource Renewal to underpin and shape how we design and develop each resource renewal facility, including pilot facilities.

Engagement with the communities in which we operate and stakeholders will inform our sustainability commitments for each facility.

Please return to this page for updates as we progress with the development of the Sims Resource Renewal sustainability plan.

For more information about the overarching Sims Limited sustainability strategy go to our corporate website or see our Sustainability Report.

Campbellfield resource renewal facility
Our second virtual engagement event is now live!

Visit the link below to get involved, share your feedback on facility designs and let us know more about your thoughts on the resource renewal facility proposed for Campbellfield, Victoria.

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