About us

Our shared purpose

As a division of Sims Limited, Sims Resource Renewal has a shared purpose to create a world without waste to preserve our planet.

We plan to design and build several resource renewal facilities around the world by 2030. Through the programme more than one million tonnes of ASR, the material left over following metal recycling, will be diverted from landfill each year and transformed into new, quality products.

New products could include hydrogen for industrial use, aggregates for construction materials, and building blocks for recycled plastics. The products we create will be dependent on where the facility is located and local market requirements.

Learn more about how Sims Resource Renewal plans to achieve its purpose.

Heather Ridout AO

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Alistair Field

Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director 

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Trevor Stolz

Programme Director

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Doug Grimmond

Chief Operating Officer, Sims Resource Renewal

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World leading technology to maximise material reuse

Sims Resource Renewal operates in line with the waste hierarchy. We will remove all recoverable material before the ASR is used in the resource renewal process.

We will use proven, advanced plasma gasification technology at our facilities, and will continually improve by drawing on the latest innovations generated through our research and development investments. Our designs are based on European emissions standards which is the current global emissions benchmark.

Our aim is to deliver a leading circular business model that creates value for our business and society.

Through Sims Resource Renewal we will transform over one million tonnes of the material leftover from metal recycling into new, useful products for society and divert it from landfill every year.