ASX & Media Release: Development Licence and Planning Permit Applications Lodged

18 October 2021

Sims Limited (“Sims or the Company”) today announced it has lodged a Development Licence Application with EPA Victoria and a Planning Permit Application with the Hume City Council for the proposed Sims Resource Renewal facility in Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia (“the Facility”).

The submissions outline the Company’s proposal to build the Facility and produce hydrogen for commercial use, and capture carbon dioxide for industrial use. Carbon dioxide will be captured from day one, and given its high purity level of 99.2% mole, it is likely to be sold to the food and beverages industry.

The proposed estimated production for hydrogen will be approximately 4,900 tonnes per annum and the proposed estimated production of carbon dioxide approximately 80,000 tonnes per annum. Sims has commenced discussions with potential industry partners for the sale of both gases.

The production of hydrogen supports a transition to a more sustainable energy landscape and enables Sims to advance its purpose to create a world without waste to preserve our planet.

Hydrogen production represents a stepping stone towards a truly closed-loop in metals recycling.

It is expected that the local capture and supply of high-quality carbon dioxide from waste will contribute to a reduced reliance on imported carbon dioxide across a number of Australian industries, including the food and beverage sector.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Group CEO and Managing Director, Alistair Field, said: “the milestone announced today marked significant progress towards the Company’s goal of creating a genuine circular business model while securing new revenue streams. It was achieved through extensive engagement with the community and other stakeholders”.

“Engaging the community and interested stakeholders has always been an important element of the Sims Resource Renewal programme.” Mr Field said.

“I would like to thank each member of the community, and all of our stakeholders, who have taken the time to meet with our team and provide feedback along the way. Their feedback has informed the applications that we have submitted to regulatory authorities,” he said.

Today’s announcement, together with the recent approval received for our Rocklea pilot facility, demonstrates progress of Sims’ plans to build several facilities around the world by 2030 to enable the company to transform more than one million tonnes of the material left over from metal recycling into new, useful products for society each year.