Be Involved in the Proposed Campbellfield Facility Development

23 September 2021

Today, Sims Resource Renewal, announced the opening of a two-week, online engagement event designed to provide a platform for the local community and interested stakeholders to get involved in its proposed Campbellfield resource renewal facility.

Since our last online engagement in July this year, we have progressed our environmental assessments for our proposed resource renewal facility at Campbellfield. We are making inroads towards our goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2042 and net zero emissions by 2050.

Our environmental assessments considered existing conditions and potential future conditions, in approximately a 2km radius around the location of the proposed facility. We looked at:

We will use proven, advanced technology to transform the material left over from metal recycling into market ready products. Initially we will produce a “glass-like” product to create aggregates for construction material and hydrogen for industrial use.

We are also investing in research and development at our first pilot facility. This way, as our technology advances, we can shift to producing new products and operate a truly closed loop system.

We continue to explore ways that we can partner with our local communities, for example on environmental initiatives or through jobs and training. Our aim is to deliver genuine and tangible benefits from the Campbellfield proposal, as well as at future sites proposed for development.

Feedback can also be provide via email, connect with us via Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram or simply complete the enquiry form.