Pilot resource renewal facility

We are proposing to use our existing recycling operation in Rocklea, Queensland as the location for a small pilot resource renewal facility where will undertake research and development to advance our technology and the circular economy.

Advancing our recycling technology

The proposed pilot will be a small, research and development focused facility that will enable us to not only take local recycling and waste reuse to a new level but allow us to pioneer new methodologies and techniques able to be adopted throughout the world.

The highly controlled research and development we are proposing will enable us to test the commercial viability of developing new products, which include the building blocks for recycled plastics, from the shredded material left over following our metal recycling process that is currently sent to landfill.

This will help us to achieve our objective of transforming one million tonnes of this shredded material every year into new, useful products for society by 2030.

Project status

We are in the early stages of developing the proposed research and development pilot facility. We are currently progressing environmental and planning assessment processes and engaging with stakeholders.

Please return here for the latest updates on this project.

Environmental and planning assessment process

We must secure planning and environmental approvals before we are able to progress to construction of our pilot facility. To do this, under the Planning Act 2016, we require development approval for a material change of use through the Brisbane City Council. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, we also require a licence to operate (known as an Environmental Authority) from the Department of Environment and Science.

Our proposed facility has been designated as a Research and Technology Industry use under the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and our development application will be code assessable. Learn more about the development application process.

The development application we submit to the Brisbane City Council will also be referred to the Department of Environment and Science via the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA), and will also be an application for an Environmental Authority. Learn more about the Environmental Authority process.

Community partnerships and engagement

We are committed to working in partnership with the community in and around the Rocklea site.

Please see the latest news section for information about our upcoming engagement activities.

We want to generate shared value by producing new products from recycled materials, creating local employment and economic opportunities, and partnering on social value initiatives.

We are currently working to develop social value and sustainability initiatives in partnership with the community.

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