Project features

A state-of-the-art resource renewal facility

We’ve identified a location next to Sims' existing metal recycling operation in Campbellfield, Victoria as the proposed site for our first state-of-the-art resource renewal facility.

Taking responsibility for our waste

Our first facility would be both an operating facility and a center for research and development.

Using the latest, proven, plasma gasification technology, we will start transforming our shredded material immediately into new, quality products while at the same time undertaking further research and development to advance our technology.

At a local level this facility will allow us to reduce our environmental footprint and create economic and employment opportunities, while we develop the technology required to create a globally leading, closed-loop business model.

This facility will enable us to immediately reduce our environmental footprint and create shared value for our communities by developing quality recycled products, creating new jobs and generating opportunities for industry development.

Reducing our environmental footprint

The proposed facility will:

  • Help reduce Sims’ current environmental footprint in Victoria by eliminating 60,000 tonnes of ASR from landfill each year.
  • Lead to a decrease in trucking distance travelled.
  • Reduce the use of virgin materials by producing products from recycled materials.

Our design process and research and development are underpinned by our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2042 and net zero by 2050.

As we improve the technology available to us, we’ll further progress to achieving net zero by creating new products including the building blocks of recycled plastics.

We are engaging with the local community and key stakeholders and are progressing with environmental and planning assessments. Environmental and planning approvals must be secured in order for us to progress to constructing the proposed facility.

What is the resource renewal process at the facility?

The resource renewal process at the facility will use proven, world's best practice plasma gasification technology and be developed to meet European emission standards which are the current global emissions benchmark.

Project status

Project status

We have commenced community and stakeholder engagement, environmental studies and engineering design; and are progressing environmental and planning assessment processes.

  • Environmental studies and engineering designs progressing
  • Environmental and planning assessments underway
Community partnerships and engagement

Community partnerships and engagement

We are genuinely committed to working in partnership with the community in and around Campbellfield, as well as with interested stakeholders more broadly. We want to create shared value by producing new products from recycled materials, generating local employment and economic opportunities, and partnering on social value initiatives.

Please see the latest news section for information about our upcoming engagement activities.

Find out more

Our second virtual engagement event was open between December 2020 – February 2021. You can still visit the room to find out more about Sims Resource Renewal and what we are proposing at Campbellfield, and register below to be notified of the next virtual engagement event.”

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Virtual engagement events

Virtual engagement events

We have developed online engagement rooms to support the gathering of input into the programme, and to develop social value and sustainability initiatives in partnership with the community.

This room takes the experience of visiting a face-to-face community session and provides information and feedback opportunities virtually. We have adapted our approach to address the current COVID-19 restrictions but look forward to having face-to-face sessions once restrictions are eased.

Virtual Engagement Room

Sep - Nov 2020
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Virtual Engagement 2

December 2020 – February 2021
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Virtual Engagement Event 3

To be finalised
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Environmental and planning assessment process

Environmental and planning assessment process

Sims must undergo robust environmental and planning assessment processes for the proposed resource renewal facility.

We must secure a works approval from the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA). We must also secure a planning permit. Recent changes to the responsible authority for planning permit applications for some energy generation and storage facilities mean we are engaging with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Hume City Council to clarify the process we must now follow and will update stakeholders and the community as soon as this is confirmed.

Community and stakeholder engagement is a critical component of the environment and planning approval processes.