Now seeking community involvement in Campbellfield proposal through virtual online engagement event

30 September 2020

Now seeking community involvement in Campbellfield proposal through virtual online engagement event

Today, Sims Resource Renewal, announced the opening of a three-week, online engagement event designed to provide a platform for the local community and interested stakeholders to get involved in its proposed Campbellfield resource renewal facility.

Last month, Sims Limited launched its new global programme, Sims Resource Renewal, which will see more than one million tonnes of material left over from metals recycling, known as “ASR”, diverted from landfill each year and transformed into new products.

The proposed state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility will use a process called plasma gasification, that uses high temperatures in a controlled manner to break down the ASR into its basic compounds, to produce synthesis gas and a glass-like product. Importantly, this process does not involve the incineration of ASR.

Understanding community perspectives on building design, exploring partnerships to build social value initiatives, delivering economic opportunities and gathering initial feedback on the Campbellfield proposal will be the focus of this virtual engagement event.

Programme Director, Trevor Stolz, says he welcomes ideas and feedback via the platform.

“We would like to encourage everyone in the community to participate in this virtual event and peruse the information we have shared.

In addition to programme information, visitors will have an opportunity to share ideas on the building design and establish social value and sustainability initiatives within the broader community.

We are also commencing environmental and planning assessment processes and would like to understand initial community perspectives about important local environmental, social and economic considerations.

Understanding how local community members and interested stakeholders would like to get involved and engage with us is also a key focus.

By 2030, we will establish 11 resource renewal facilities across the globe and will work hard to develop partnerships with the community in each location to genuinely deliver shared value for society.

This is an exciting opportunity for the communities in and around the Campbellfield area to be the first to shape these partnerships.

Ideally, we would have face-to-face conversations with community members, but the current COVID-19 restrictions have required us to re-think how we engage.

I would like to thank those members of the community who have made themselves available so far through video and phone calls and we look forward to continued discussions,”

Mr Stolz said.

In addition to the environmental benefits created through Sims Resource Renewal, our facility will create new jobs and industry development opportunities in Campbellfield and its surrounds.

Subject to necessary environmental and planning approvals, construction of the proposed facility is expected to commence in late 2021, with the facility operational by late 2022.

The virtual event is open now at Campbellfield Virtual Room and ends on Wednesday 21 October 2020.

Feedback can also be provided via the interactive feedback map on our website, by email or through our hotline 1800 570 530.